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2024 Spring

Hello CWA Families! 


We hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break and are getting a chance to enjoy the  sunshine! ☀️ Our students continue to astound us  and it is such a pleasure to share with you all the wonderful things happening at Clackamas Web Academy. This time of year is filled with lots of learning and growth for our students. We are very excited about the upcoming promotions for our kindergarteners, 5th graders, and 8th graders.  And we are especially anticipating celebrating our Seniors at their High School Graduation in June! It's a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout the years and we are so very proud of all of them.  As we navigate through the remaining weeks of the school year, let's continue to persevere and support our students to end the year strong. Together, we can make these last moments of the school year truly memorable and impactful.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in your child's education. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Take care,
Brad Linn, Principal

Zoe Booth, Assistant Principal


Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Elementary Students of the Month

Our Elementary students have been working hard on being helpful and showing kindness both at school and at home. Our January Students of the Month were chosen for being thoughtful and considerate of others and for always being eager to help with a positive attitude. Our February/March Students of the Month were chosen for consistently showing kindness, empathy, and genuine concern for others. We are so very proud of these students, they help make our school the special place that it is!

Abstract Crystal Burst

State Testing Updates - Science

Our 5th, 8th, and 11th Grade students participated in the Oregon State Assessment in Science in March and did an awesome job! Our students’ percent proficiency is above the district and state in all 3 grades, great job! We will be offering the Oregon State Assessment in grades 3 - 8 and 11 in English Language Arts in April and Mathematics in May.  Please contact your advisor to sign up for a session if you have not already.

JA Biztown Logo.jpeg

Our 5th Grade students did a tremendous job at BizTown last week. They worked hard at Key Bank and UPS to ensure businesses had the financing and supplies needed to run smoothly. They provided exceptional customer service to the other students and gained experience  running an effective and efficient business. They had so much fun and learned a lot, great job 5th grade students!

Mountain Ridge

Read Across America

Our second and third grade students celebrated Read Across America Day by reading, writing and working on fun art projects together.  It was so fun to see their work displayed in the school!

CWA Students excel inside and outside of the classroom

CWA students are doing awesome things at school as well as outside of school. Our students are engaged in basketball, softball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis,  hockey, aerial gymnastics, dance, archery, fishing, equestrian, trap and skeet, drumline, and more. We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments!

Blue Surface

Digital Learning Annual Conference

CWA presented at the Digital Learning Annual Conference this year in Austin. We hosted a workshop entitled, Promoting Organizational Health: Developing a five year strategic plan that is influenced by quantitative and qualitative data. It was an excellent opportunity to share the strengths of our school with others and attend workshops to gain skills and ideas to enhance the educational experiences we provide at CWA.

February Art Party

Our Middle and High School students  came together to make cards for friends and family, while enjoying some yummy winter snacks. A big thank you to Mrs. Steere for providing this fun art experience for our students!

Abstract Lights

Game Night

A huge thank you to our Leadership class for hosting an awesome  Game Night in March! Students played games, sang karaoke, took selfies in the photo booth, ate delicious snacks and had so much fun together! It was a very well attended and successful event, well done Leadership Team!


4th/5th Grade Community Building

Our 4th and 5th Grade students continue to enjoy meeting together on Fridays each week not only to work on school but also build community and strengthen friendships. They play games, work on crafts, engage in problem solving activities, and more. They are such a kind and  welcoming group, always eager to include whoever wants to join in!

Gradient Red Yellow

K - 2 Music Class

CWA’s kindergarten through second grade students have been enjoying  music class on Fridays. They are learning to keep a beat, play instruments and sing new songs all while having fun and making new friends. It is such a treat to peek in and listen to their sweet voices. 

Abstract Linear Background

100th Day of School

Our kindergarten students celebrated their 100th day of school by sharing art projects they designed  at home that creatively displayed the use of 100 items. They searched for 100 hershey’s kisses around the classroom and put them in order. And they  dressed up in outfits to show what they think they will look like when they are 100 :)

Local Cafe

Middle school students explored a variety of novels during a reading cafe to prepare for their book talk presentation work which will be highlighted in the Summer Newsletter.

Middle School Reading Cafe

Math and Geometry Tools

Geometry Popcorn Party

Our Geometry/Data Reasoning students were challenged to design and create a container that would hold popcorn.  They had to calculate the volume of the container and verify that it was accurate by filling it with popcorn, this was an awesome learning experience as well as delicious!  

Black Excellence Month 

Black Excellence Month is a time to reflect on the rich history, achievements, and contributions that Black Americans have made to our nation throughout the years. Here at CWA, we used this time as an opportunity to learn more about Black role models in our shared history. We created paper quilts based on the story of Belle, from Gee’s Bend, we designed posters highlighting influential public figures, and learned about distinguished authors in young adult literature.


Guess the Theme

CWA students and staff share some of the very same  interests and we all enjoy playing in our  free time.  Can you guess the theme of these pictures? If you think you know it, come by Mrs. Booth’s office and you may get a prize! 😊

USA Flag

Parade of States

CWA’s  3rd graders learned so much about our 50 states! They learned the names of all 50 states as well as their capitals, they became experts on the state of their choice  by compiling an A-Z research project, they  wrote a handwritten letter to the Governor of their state requesting their autograph on a state puzzle piece, made a creative state float about their state, and composed a persuasive speech convincing classmates to visit their state. In the culminating event, our third grade students did an outstanding job sharing their knowledge and answering questions during the Parade of States. Well done!!

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