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Clackamas Web Academy Mission Statement

We honor and support the cultures, values, and goals of all students while challenging and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Exterior picture of Clackamas Web Academy Building

About Us

Who are we?

Clackamas Web Academy (CWA) is a public Charter School sponsored by the North Clackamas School District and accredited by Cognia. CWA provides instruction to students in Oregon through an innovative combination of online curriculum, onsite classes, labs, tutoring, activities and access to college classes. We have approximately 550 students enrolled in grades K through 12 and an Early College Options (ECO) program.

CWA Graduation class picture

Who we serve:

CWA is open to any student living in Oregon and our students are diverse. Many are home-educated students or come from private schools. Others entered the program because they need a more flexible schedule and setting than their traditional school could allow. Some students choose CWA in order to engage in a more rigorous education that allows them to take college classes while still in high school. 

How our program works:

Students are assigned a faculty member who meets with them approximately once every other week. Families must provide adult supervision and a high-speed internet connection. Students are encouraged to attend weekly group advisory meetings, grade level cohort meetings and tutoring on campus. Teachers are also available throughout the day by cell phone and email. 
Elementary and middle school students’ work is managed by faculty members who are familiar with all subjects. High school students’ core subjects are facilitated by highly qualified staff who are certified in the subject. 
CWA teachers and students are supported by an administrator, an ESL coordinator, counselors, academic support specialists, administrative assistants, a technical support specialist and a school to careers/early college coordinator. 
CWA offers special-interest classes in our onsite classrooms. Among these are science labs, subject specific tutoring, enrichment classes, and workshops at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Click Here for an example of teacher led student moments by grade level.

middle sholl students in class in table groups


CWA works with organizations to ensure that students have access to an excellent education and meaningful career and life experiences. Full accreditation coupled with partnerships with companies like OMSI, 24 Hour Fitness, Oregon community colleges  and universities, local non-profits and businesses all serve to give CWA students great opportunities for a successful pathway to their future.


Journey Map

Click on the Clackamas Web Academy Journey Map to see the history of CWA through the years.

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