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Средняя школа
9-12 классы

Языковые искусства:

Дебби Стир, Стив Ст. Аманд


Брюс Боргельт, Кортни Дженч


Джон Грант, Терри Гибсон

Социальные исследования:

Джен Сейбел, Грег Смитчас

Мировые языки, старшая стажировка, языковое искусство, 12 класс:

Брайсон Слотоуэр

физкультура, здоровье:

Скотт Гронволд

Вспомогательный персонал:

Советник: Кристин Аллаерт

Консультант: Надя Франк

Консультант: Дженн Винквист

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CWA: Graduation Reminders and Updates

  1. Graduation tickets will be available for pick-up starting Tuesday, May 28th. You can pick up tickets at the CWA office anytime between 8am and 3:30pm. Tickets will also be available for pick-up at the senior lunch and the graduation rehearsal. Do not lose your tickets, as we will not be able to replace them.

  2. The senior lunch on May 31st has been moved to CWA, classrooms 4-5. The lunch will take place at 11:30am. This event is for students only. Please RSVP if you have not yet done so:  Senior Lunch RSVP. 

  3. The graduation rehearsal will take place on June 4th at 12pm, the day of graduation, at the Holiday Inn, Columbia Riverfront location (909 N Hayden Island Dr., Portland OR 97217). This event is mandatory for all graduates walking at graduation.

  4. Seniors will have time after rehearsal to go and get food before the ceremony. Students must return to the venue by 5:45pm for the senior picture.

  5. Graduation will take place at the Holiday Inn, Columbia Riverfront location (909 N Hayden Island Dr., Portland OR 97217). Doors will open for guests at 6:30pm. The graduation ceremony begins at 7pm. Guests must have their tickets with them to attend the graduation ceremony.

  6. When you arrive for graduation, you’ll be closest to the banquet entrance if you park in the area indicated in the map attached. However, you may park wherever you like. 

  7. Noisemakers and outside food and drink are not permitted at graduation. 

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