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Drew Hlifka

Elementary Teacher Grades 4-5




Tips for Success

Get up and get dressed- Set a time for the school day to start and stick to it. 

Don't work where you sleep- Set up a space that has everything your child needs to be successful: math journal, multiplication chart, computer charger, pencil, power source, P.E. log.

Communicate often-  Encourage your child to reach out when they need help. Be sure they are checking in with their messages! 

Drew rafting selfie

Set Goals- Work together with you child to monitor their progress in school. Our students who are most successful make daily goals and check in about those goals at the beginning and end of each day. 

Plan against distractions- Did you know that Jeff can 'lock down' your child's computer so they have to request permission to go to gaming sites? Just sayin' 

Get out- Our kids spend a lot of time in front of a screen.  I can't say how important it is that they get outside for P.E. and other activities.  

Be grateful and have fun- Our school allows our families to take time to enjoy each other and their time working and learning together.  Remember to seek joyful learning as you work and take time to develop your child's unique gifts.

About Me

Hello Families!

I love working at the Clackamas Web Academy!  Our school is full of great people striving to give their best everyday.  I'm originally from New Mexico- where I earned my masters degree in education. I am a Fulbright Alumni, and this will be my eighteenth year in the classroom. I love teaching and learning, but a couple of my favorite subjects are writing and math.

My husband and I are originally from New Mexico. We love the cool weather and the tall beautiful trees here in Oregon. We are lucky to have two fantastic kiddos- Kip and Margo.  I love to read, run, and be outdoors. My favorite foods are pizza and chocolate ice cream.  I hate roller coasters because they make me feel icky, but I love to ride bikes and go camping.


As a teacher, I love helping students reach their personal best. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and working together to have the best school year possible!


Drew Hlifka

Drew's son and daughter
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